Electric hand drills and hammer bits, split cone drilling bits for woodworking

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  • Type:Center Drill Bit
  • D32 square electric hammer drill 
  • D32 mm L150mm
  • Model Number:Core drills
  • Use:Wood Drilling
  • Material:Other
  • DIY Supplies:Woodworking
  • Advantage:High-efficiency / Long work life
  • Use:Drilling
  • Type:Drill bit
  • Application:Digging hole
  • Electric hand drills can achieve good results for all kinds of soft and hardwood. Save your back and your time! Split wood faster and easier when you use the Firewood Expert Pro. The innovative design weakens the logs at multiple angles, allowing you to split the log in a fraction of the time.

    • Save time and energy.
    • You definitely need to find a way to secure the wood as it’s being split so it doesn’t whip around and strike your ankles/shins.
    • Exceptional quality and value. Durable and useful and can be used for a long time.
    • Three shank shape:Square, Round, Triangular handle.

  • 1 x  Electric hand drills and hammer bits for woodworking


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